In the Tracing the Potter's Wheel game players will explore how ceramic archaeology studies traces of the past to understand interactions and relationships between people during the Bronze Age in the Aegean.

This game constitutes the digital version of the physical exhibition displayed in Amsterdam in October 2022.

It is very small and we think it contained something fragile.

Ceramic Match challenges players to match ancient and modern objects.

Even if they are made for the same purpose, everyday items from the past may look very different from ours today.


Trace Explorer shows where to look to find "secret" traces left on pots and what they really mean.

Archaeologists interpret these production traces to understand how a pottery item was made.

Ceramic Match simulates the challenges a digital archaeologist must overcome when 3D scanning an ancient artifact.

You might find out that it is more complicated than the movies tell us.


Potters make many decisions when they’re creating a pot, and those impact whether or not it will collapse or break, or succeed.

Play with Pot Maker. Can you make a pot that survives the kiln?


Ancient potters had to build their own tools like the pottery wheel.

How would you build your own? And which parts of it might archaeologists find during excavations? Play and learn with Wheel Builder.


Archaeologists can look at what a pot is made of and understand where it came from.

Play along with Inside The Pot to learn what they look for and how they do it.

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