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Early secondary education and above

In the 3D Pot Scanner level the player is responsible for making 3D models by scanning three different pots using a structured light scanner. This involves setting up the scanner, calibrating it, making scans, and merging the individual scans together successfully.

The aim of the level is for the player to successfully capture scans of each of the pots despite the many possible technical problems which might arise.

The purpose of the level is to illustrate the complexity of the task of creating a 3D scan, where the shape and colors of an object can make the task more difficult, and computer errors as well as environmental factors regularly cause a loss of data.


The player character is a digital archaeologist who needs to create 3D scans of three pots for their research project. Gameplay takes place in an attic and a basement of a museum where the pots are stored. Gameplay takes place within a research lab surrounded by crates of pottery from ongoing excavations. ​


Level gameplay is static first person, with direct tapping/clicking on in-game items. The user interface is arranged as a split screen with one panel of text and contextually-appropriate buttons, and the other changing images and animations of the player’s environment.

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Immersive Heritage Studio © 2020-2023

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