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Primary education and above

The player in this level is an archaeologist who needs to describe the kinds of pottery were found in this year’s excavation campaign. They investigate the rooms of their home to look for everyday objects which match the archaeological interpretation of ancient objects. The player’s goal in this level is to successfully identify matches to ancient​ objects in the rooms they are shown, using hints as needed. This level illustrates the diversity of interpretations that exist for ancient objects while also stimulating players to consider ancient objects in a more personal way which is closer to how they view everyday objects in their lives.


Level gameplay is static first person, with direct tapping/clicking on in-game items. The user interface is principally in the form of a hint button, which provides a maximum of three hints on screen before highlighting the location of the object to match.


The player character is an archaeologist who has returned home from fieldwork and wishes to compare what they found against everyday items. Gameplay takes place within the various rooms of their home: kitchen, bathroom, basement, bedroom, and back yard.

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