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In this level, the player is a ceramic fabric specialist who is assessing where the pottery from this year’s excavations was made. They must use the microscope to examine the five samples and record facts about the clay color, the kinds of inclusions, and the kinds of voids they can see. Once they have finished recording each sample, they must identify the island that their sample came from.

The player’s goal is to successfully identify each pottery sample with the island it came from by studying each object and comparing it against a description of the islands nearby.

The purpose of this level is to show how to look at the very fine details of a pottery sample in order to say where it came from.


Level gameplay is static first person, with direct tapping/clicking on in-game items as well as interaction with text and buttons. The user interface switches between two basic formats. The first is composed of direct interactions with pots to select a sample for inspection. The second is arranged as a split screen with one panel of text and contextually-appropriate buttons, and the other changing images and animations of the player’s environment.


The player character is a ceramic analyst. Gameplay takes place within a research lab surrounded by crates of pottery from ongoing excavations.

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