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Early secondary education and above

In this level, the player is an archaeologist recording recently discovered pottery for their supervisor. They must examine each pot by picking them up and rotating them to expose important traces and comparing what they observe against the provided glossary of traces. Once they have recorded their findings, their supervisor will check on their progress.

The aim of the level is for the player to successfully identify forming traces on the seven pots presented using the UV light filter and the glossary provided.

Within the level, the player learns to recognize selected forming traces and understand that specific processes produced these traces.


Level gameplay is static first person, with direct tapping/clicking on in-game items. The user interface is composed of contextually-appropriate buttons as well as direct interactions with pots when they are being inspected more closely. This includes rotation and changing the lighting effects on the object.


The player character is a junior archaeologist performing ceramic analysis with the feedback of a supervisor. Gameplay takes place within a research lab surrounded by crates of pottery from ongoing excavations.

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