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Early secondary education and above

In this mini-game, the player is a Minoan potter who wants to build a potter’s wheel for the first time – it is a new technology that they want to try. They must think about what pieces they want to use and how to put them together, as well as how easy it is to find the materials to build their wheel. Once they have finished building it, the player will be able to review what parts are found archaeologically, and what parts are conjecture.

The player’s goal is to put together a wheel device from the options available.

The purpose of this mini-game is to give the player a fresh perspective on a tool which they probably have many preexisting assumptions about, while also illustrating the many ways that archaeologists must infer how composite artifacts might have been assembled.

Level gameplay is static first person, with direct tapping/clicking on in-game items.

The user interface is arranged as a split screen with one panel of text and contextually-appropriate buttons, and the other changing images of the player’s potter’s wheel as it is assembled.

The player character is a potter from the Bronze Age in Crete. 

The level takes place in a potter’s workshop, with reference to materials from the wider landscape in Crete.

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