Development and release of games for popular platforms (desktop, mobile) through all stages of concept design and development, asset creation, animation, programming and testing.

Development of apps and software for PC (Windows and macOS) and mobile (Android and iOS) from concept design and UX/UI design through to testing and release.

User Experience Design

Creation of clear and intuitive pathways for users to follow as they navigate through complex content.

User Interface Design

Design of interfaces that organize and communicate information in ways that users find easy to access, understand and use.
Transformation of a core idea into a functional roadmap for further creative development, including design documentation, prototype programming, and sketch illustrations.
Production of 2D and 3D artworks to interpret and communicate concepts effectively. Depending on phase and project, these can be stylized or highly technical.
Creation of high-quality 3D models from large to small scale objects, even based on fragmentary evidence. These can range from built and natural environments, to portable objects.

We are Immersive Heritage, a game studio based in the Netherlands.
Our games are designed and developed with heritage at their core.

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